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Young India Scholarship' aims to empower the youth first and at encouraging the skill development of the individuals who are young at heart and wanted to attach one more feather in their hat. This scholarship focuses on providing deduction in the course fees based on the age and profession of the candidates. Students, job seekers, working professionals, Entrepreneurs, house wives and even golden agers can also avail this scholarship. Based on candidates age and their profession they can avail upto 50% of Young India Scholarship for each course. The aim of this scholarship is to grant a concession to those people who are ready to be a student irrespective of their age. The objective is to encourage those individuals who always wanted to take their career forward by upskilling themselves. The Young India Scholarship has been contrived for Students & Job seekers, Golden Agers & House Wives and for Entrepreneurs & Working professionals. The individuals who are interested in the course and comes under these categories are eligible to apply for the Young India Scholarship.