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My Life In English

This course will be a complete solution for all your English related problems whether it's reading, writing, listening or speaking. If you can read and understand English and want to improve your speaking and writing skills then this is perfect for you. Starting with a one on one speaking session with a trainer this course opens the door to situational English via fluency program, common mistakes and conversation practice sets that will be helpful for daily life situations.

  • Course Duration: 56 Days
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IRP In Web Design

IRP -Come and join us to learn how to plan, create, and code internet sites and web pages by combining text with sounds, pictures, graphics, and video clips. Learn the art of creating the design and layout of a website or web pages. Graduates with computer science background or even a 10th qualified person with skills, passion and who has an intense desire to learn web designing.

  • Course Duration:65 Days
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    Quality is central to our institution. We ensure that the courses we provide are the best in the industry.
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    The courses are affordable and yet we don’t compromise in quality training.
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Neelankarai Chennai 115, Tamil Nadu, India

Our Facilitators

Mrs. Ansu Varghese
Language Trainer

A passionate language expert who worked as Senior Communication Trainer and Coordinator in International K12 projects. She is a post graduate from VIT University and an expert in exemplary oral and written communication skills.

Mr. Stephen Rajesh
Course Falilitator

An ardent English communication professional who had worked with collages, institutions and international translation agencies. He is a graduate from Boston University and a researcher in Comparative Religious Studies

Mr. James Gumataotao
Associate Trainer

An young vibrant American who is a fanatical research scholar in the field of Social and Religious Ethics. He is a graduate student at Boston College and a Social Thinker for Humanity

Mr.Krisztian Jozsef Toth
Robotics Teacher

An earnest computer science and Robotics teacher who is an adept in working with international schools and curriculum. He is a graduate from Dennis Gabor College, Hungary and has Cambridge certifications in Teaching and training

Mr. Satheesh Babu M
Satheesh babu
Transformational Speaker

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